Thursday, 9 February 2017

Life is precious - RIP Stew

In loving memory of Stew Booysen
Life is precious!

A dear cousin died yesterday, and we got the sad news at 10 pm yesterday!

He was 28! So young! So bright! So vibrant!

RIP STEW! Stew Booysen!

We have no words!

It was so sudden, so unexpected!

Only this weekend he was doing the Magaliesberg Canopy Tours and he was raving about how much he enjoyed it (although he has vertigo)! He went in to hospital for pain and a pancreas infection on Monday, and they were still busy doing tests... They found him in hospital where he has died, from a blood clot or heart attack?

I haven't seen him in months, and we missed him at the previous family gathering in December.
(We should make time for family more!)

You are missed!
(All we have left is the memories, and the photos we frantically page through on social media after we heard of the tragedy!)

So sorry for your loss, Jan and Solet! He is a son to be proud of!

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