Wednesday, 15 February 2017

We had a good rest at Dikhololo

Dikhololo is a great place for families. It was just under a two-hour drive from Johannesburg, and we were in the Bush-veld on Friday this past weekend.

Of course we were still emotional about the loss in our family. Stew's death left us reeling! We had his funeral on Monday this week.
(I don't know if you ever get over the loss of a young family member? How do you smile when you know there are so much sadness?)

Little Miss did not stop swimming for the whole weekend. The best of all! We could watch her swimming from our chalet as all the chalet clusters are built around swimming pools. How cool to watch her swimming from the bed (while reading) or braai (barbecue) for the whole weekend!

We went exploring, water sliding (even me, and I loved it! Little Miss hated it!) and played tennis while we were there! We could have stayed MUCH longer, but a weekend is of course way too short! We did not even went to the indoor heated pool (it was too hot!), or drove around too much looking at the wildlife. The putt-putt also did not happen. Next time...

I am sure we are the only family that got lost from a viewpoint on our way to our car... But that was part of the adventure! My Dad with his in-built GPS could only shake his head when he heard about us walking around the hill searching.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday this weekend! How blessed we are to still be able to go on holidays together!
He is such an inspiration for always being active and on the go!

Thanks, Dad, for all the holiday fun!

This is life! Summer, the Bush-veld, a fire going, a swimming pool and a drink!

This was a good rest!


  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend away! We have never been to Dikholo - maybe it's time

  2. I went there last year and we had some kudu come right up to chalet.It was a great weekend. Glad you had a great one too.

    Also sorry for your loss.


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