Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Coffee makes me happy!

Coffee on my iPhone feed
Coffee is one of the things that makes me happy! It's usually the little things! (That is also the very biggest things in life.)

If something makes you happy, why can't you spoil yourself with it on a regular basis? I am specifically thinking here about coffee. I love buying a filter coffee to brighten up my day. Sure, I can make a Ricoffy at my office, but it is just not the same as a great filter coffee! Weighing up the cost of a cup of filter coffee against saving a bit of money...

Coffee wins every time! 

(I just need to let go of the guilt!)

What makes you happy?

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  1. I love a good cappuccino. I think you just like the patterns of the froth!! We work next to the River Cafe and their cappuccinos are fab. Not every day though!


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