Friday, 3 February 2017

Five for Friday #1

I am making use of Cat's Five for Friday editions idea. We have finally arrived at the best day of the week!

- Wake Cup

I treated myself to a Wake Cup this morning. Nothing better than standing in the traffic to be able to buy a hot cup of filter coffee! My Friday started on a great note! I love the entrepreneurship of such a good fantastic idea!

- Little Miss

Little Miss was a leeettle bit sick this week. She struggled with a runny nose, sinus and a sore throat. The throat also made her cough, but not hectic. On Wednesday morning she was crying about a headache as well, and that the school "does not allow sick children"! (True that! But we are working parents!) I decided to take her to the doctor. (Luckily we have child leave sick days at work! It really helps!) She had a throat infection, but not hectic! I usually don't encourage staying at home, because I think it is important not to loose too much at school. So she's had a couple of annoying "preaches" (she immediately shuts me down when I want to get in my bit of "Mom Wisdom") about rather going to school and not miss out on something... Thankfully she is much better now, and back at school today!

- Second Month of the Year
Star Wars Calendar from Typo

It's February already. We are looking forward to a weekend away this month, celebrating my Dad's birthday! I still feel that I did not get enough holiday during December! This will definitely help!

(How cool is this Typo calendar? It was a present to myself  in December)


I saw the SnapnSave app reviewed on Hayleys' Joys. You get cash back while shopping. I tried it this week. I am still not convinced that I am saving that much, as I have bought things I would otherwise not have bought. The trick is to only buy things you really need. I also saw that there are cheaper options on the shelves available. But I will give it a fair try. It's only the first week!
I've made R15 and R39.80 is waiting for approval from my first slip scanned.
AND I have two bottles of red rosé wine for visitors! *wry smile!* (I don't drink rosé.)
You can use my code to earn the first R10 when you sign up: Karend870

- It's the weekend

I can't wait! Hubby is going to watch some cricket. We are planning a fun walk with the Voortrekkers searching for owls.
We are going to relax!

red wine

What are your plans?


  1. Oh yes, relax for sure! Love the entrepeneurship. I hope the little Miss is well soon

  2. Love all your animated pics. Hope Little Miss feels better xxx lots of kids have been sick this week at my school and I also have had sore throat and runny nose I think it is going around.


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