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Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch Review - CT-W8A

Cheertone Kids Smart Watch CT-W8A - a pink and blue watch
CT-W8A - CC Cheertone
We are pleasantly surprised with the Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch. It's got so many features. Considering the price of  USD15 it is a super awesome watch for kids! It is a great gift idea. We were sent the watch and a Mini Arcade Game from Cheertone to review. The package arrived here safely and on time from China. It was no issue putting in the order on the website as well.

Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch with box and manual

The features that we love about the CT-W8A.

Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch CT-W8A - Outstanding features

- The smart watch is super easy to start working, with a manual that is easy to understand.
- The smart watch face is very pretty, and it is super cool to be able to change it to an analog or digital clock face.
- We love the various functions on the smart watch: Camera, Voice recorder, Playback, 8 Games, Time Master, Test Time, Pedometer, Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, Calendar, Calculator.
- The steps counter, which includes calories burnt, gives a log of day and monthly activities. 
- The  smart watch looks very cool and fashionable. It also gets a thumbs up for being very comfortable.
- For parents that don't want their kids to be connected to the Internet with a smart watch, this is a pretty cool alternative. It will also work as an introduction to smart watches.
- The price is awesome: at USD15 it is really worth it.

Girl taking photo with the Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch
Taking a picture with the Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch CT-W8A
Girl walking dog with Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch CT-W8A on arm
Counting her steps - Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch CT-W8A

What we don't like about the CT-W8A

- The photos are not very high quality, and it can't be downloaded. There's also only space for about 40 photos on the watch. Although the W8A cannot upload photos, the supplier notified us that their W6, W9 and other children's smart watches can upload photos.
- The Cheertone products are all B2B wholesale, so they generally do not do C2C. You will have to get the watch from a supplier.  If there are any kid smart watch suppliers who need to buy and customize OEM & ODM in bulk, please contact Cheertone.
-  The CT-W8A is not for calling, messaging and positioning. (Cheertone watches with C1, C2, C3 and C4 can make calls, send messages and locate customers.)

The specifications of the Kids Smart Camera Watch CT-W8A

1. 1.5 inch touch screen, resolution : 128*128
2. Camera : 0.1MP
3. 40 amazing digital and analog clock face
4. Strap : Silicone; Exterior : Plastic  
5. Stores 40 photos at most.
6. Do not support upload and download
7. Make records : 3 different voice distortions
8. Build in Speaker
9. Battery : Li Polymer 400mAh
10. Time master : learning how to tell time
11. Alarm
12. Stopwatch
13. Timer
14. Calendar
15. Calculator
16. Built-in 8 educational games
17. Pedometer
18. Settings : sound; time; wallpaper; factory setting; playing time setting; language
19. Each set incl : Wowatch x 1, USB cable x 1, Manual x 1

4.5/5 We give this Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch CT-W8A a thumbs up. For the prize and the features it is a great smart watch for kids.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Cheertone Kids Smart Camera Watch CT-W8A to review.

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