Friday, 13 April 2012


It is... heard in in our home, again!

The eldest had a big stutter issue when she was about six, and she had to go through several years of speech therapy. All along I thought it was made worse by the divorce...
Stuttering has a huge emotional component, and as soon as there is a disruption in the normal flow of things, it does get worse!

But apparently there is a genetic link as well!

Our little one is also stuttering now. She gets stuck on the "I"s and "Us", and she repeats the first two or three words of a sentence.
We do not try to notice it at all!

I have to make people aware of it before they notice it!
Her teacher also said that she has not notice it!

But it is there!

Maybe I am too sensitive about it, and it is only a normal developmental stage?
Did your toddlers also go through a stuttering phase?

Do we need to take her to a speech therapist?

(Photo: last night again with chopsticks)


  1. Apparently you are wrong, stuttering has nothing to do with genetics, it's a learning process. I've read somewhere that it is normal for toddlers to stutter between the ages of 2 and 3 but if they are 4 and still stutter then it has become a problem, I don't know it's only what I've read.

  2. Take her if it is unsettling you!

    A session with a speech therapist can do no harm!!!

  3. I Know little about stuttering, but you know what your gut is saying. So rather see a Speech Therapist now and catch it early. They will tell you if you need to be concerned or not.

    The longer you wait, the longer it takes to rectify if needed.

    Good Luck!

  4. Just go for an evaluation at a speech therapist.


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