Thursday, 5 April 2012

Ghost in room 608

A true story by the Student.

It was late and dark, when...

I was struggling to fall asleep and my roommate was already in dream land.

There was no wind or storm when the lock on our door opened(which can only be opened from the inside) and the door swung wide open.
The door slammed closed.
Then my cupboard opened (it can only be opened by force) and there was no struggle when it opened.

I nearly jumped out of my skin!

Our door opened and closed again and the door miraculously locked itself....

I spent the night with my roommate in her bed!

The next day we told the seniors about what had happened. They laughed and said we live in the ghost room.
Ah, great!

Apparently, 20 years ago, a girl commited 'suicide' in that room. But, if she commited suicide, why is she still hanging around? Something's fishy...

I landed in the room with a ghost. Don't you just love Murphy?

I am the most easily spooked person on planet Earth and I share a room with my roommate AND a ghost!


  1. Just dont let such stuff bother you, if you think about it you will be a restless soul.

  2. Oh my goodness...that is creepy;-)


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