Monday, 23 April 2012

How to get your toddler to smile at photos

It is usually a major accomplishment to get your toddler to give you a perfect smile...
Especially after a list of requests to look at you...
Which they never want to do!

Ways to get your toddler to smile for a photo:

- Offer some sort of reward: I will swing you if you smile for me! (Very effective, but it can become a problem. "No smile without payback!")

- Call out to them when your camera is ready to shoot. It may produce a perfect smile!

- Call to them to look at the elephant/bird/crocodile... (something outrageous!)

- Give them a camera/tablet/phone (photo booth) where they get to see themselves. It gets a lot of different poses!

- Jump up and down like a crazy person/clown!

What have you done to get a face/smile?

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  1. I think my poor kids have such a camera overload that thye just do it. Marcia said the pther day that she loves how my kids just smile


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