Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Fun at My Little Pony Live Shows

My Little Pony Live Show with MLP and Equestria Girls on stage
MLP Live Show #FriendshipIsMagic
It was a live fest for all the My Little Pony fans. The My Little Pony Live Shows was on at the Mardi Grass Theatre at Carnival City. Judging by the queues on Saturday it was a dream for a great many little girls to see their Ponies in action.

I must confess that I am living My Little Pony vicariously through my daughter. They did not exist in the 70s. (Ouch, giving away my age.) Now I think they are the cutest ever. My daughters both loved combing and styling the hair of their My Little Ponies. I personally love the positive characters and energy of My Little Pony. The Equestria girls have upped their staying power considerably.

Girl posing in front of MLP Live Show poster
Miss Fine obligatory pose in front of MLP Live Show poster
Miss Fine enjoyed all the extra fun at the MLP Live Show. There was face painting, hair colouring, pictures to colour in and making your own beaded arm band or necklace. Of course there was the cutest MLP goodies to buy which made for some happy smiling little kids all round. There was also an opportunity to get a photo-op with a My Little Pony afterwards which was a big bonus.

Girls hair being spray painted with hair colour
Hair colouring - MLP Live Show

Girl making a beaded necklace
Bead creation
The MLP Live Show was so much fun for the little ones. I was kinda wondering how they would do it, but the Equestria Girls were the voices of the My Little Pony Live Show. The interactivity was contagious, and all of the kiddies wanted to be on stage. It was a great way to end the holidays with a fun-filled uplifting experience.

It feels like driving to the other side of the world to Carnival City on the East Rand. Luckily there are a few things to do with kids at Carnival City and we made the best and a day of it! The milkshake before the time was a winner already...

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Next time, buy the tickets!

Disclaimer: We got the tickets to attend the MLP Live Show.

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