Friday, 19 October 2018

Miss your face

Girl with 3 dogs on couch
Dog Whisperer ;-)
Although we had lots of preparation for our Eldest not being in the house anymore, we still miss her. Every now and again I still expect her to be there... Luckily we can see each other regularly, because they are not living far away.

She's been a student for long where she was away at Uni. Then she became the Boomeranger and we had an extra bonus time with her.

We can't complain, because we still have Miss Fine to keep us busy in the house. We cannot say we have an empty nest. But sometimes it feels like it. Especially when walking past an empty bedroom. We still need to sort out bedrooms, and stuff. I have been procrastinating... (A bit of the blues and the hoarding bug which needs to be called to order!)

We miss you, K. So glad you are sorted with your life and hubby and dogs. It's a new life and new beginnings. We are so glad! It's also a new beginning for us as well!

Kicking this melancholy in it's bud!

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