Thursday, 4 October 2018

A Beautiful Rustic Wedding

Mr & Mrs Table decorations
Wedding Table - Patrick Pretorius Photography
We had the most memorable Wedding, the best party ever this year. The Eldest got married to the Love of her Life. It was a year of planning, finding a venue and working hard to make it all come together. The budget was very low. In the end it all came together with what could be made, specials and the generosity of friends.

Everybody was collecting cans and wine and beer bottles. It was painted or covered with paper torn from books. The Eldest also made a large number of paper protea flowers, which she used on the tables as well as in the bouquets. It was a beautiful rustic wedding in a beautiful setting, at Thatch Haven in Brits. It was the perfect spot and venue. 

Here are a few photos from the wedding decorations.

The outside deck where the couple got married was lined with bottles, cans and glass jars with succulents. 
Thatch Haven deck with succulent in glass jar
Rustic Wedding Isle
The bouquets consisted of bluegum leaves with the folded paper protea flowers. The bride was the only one with a real protea flower in her bouquet. It was simple yet striking.

Wedding bouquets with bluegum and proteas
Rustic wedding bouquets
The Welcome table - guests could take their name cards and place it on their choice of table. As far as I know it worked well (nobody complained), and it took away lots of headaches of where to place who.

Welcome tabel at Rustic wedding
Rustic Wedding Welcome Table
The following are more of the table decorations. The bride wanted an aquamarine, beige to brown colour scheme. It looked stunning! The runners on the tables were on loan, and the bluegum and spots of daisies and succulents worked their charm.

Rustic wedding table decorations
Patrick Pretorius Photography
Rustic wedding decorations inside hall
Thatch Haven Rustic wedding

Decoration at Children's table at Rustic Wedding
Children's table at Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding Table decorations with word "love"

Rustic Wedding Gift table
The gift table - Rustic Wedding

Protea paper flower, cans and bottles at Rustic Wedding
Protea Paper Flower as table decoration at Rustic Wedding
Everybody also got a small-small minty gift covered in painted and folded toilet rolls...

Painted Paper toilet rolls used for minty gifts at wedding
Rustic wedding minty gifts

Thanks to everybody who helped, collected, loaned, and painted. Especially Wilma, the new Mother-in-Law, for all her help and great ideas! She also baked the biltong cake. Thanks to Patrick Pretorius, the photographer, for the photos. I used two of his photos above, and you can see the difference in quality. The Eldest is blessed to have you all.

Pinyterest friendly Rustic wedding ideas
Budget-friendly Rustic Wedding Ideas

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