Monday, 13 August 2018

The Wedding was the best party ever!

Wedding Couple walking through flower petals after the wedding ceremony
#HnK #JacobsTroue - Patrick Pretorius Photography
Our Wedding of the Year was finally on Wednesday last week. We could not have picked a better day. It was summer in Brits. The Eldest got married to her soul buddy, the same guy she got engaged to a year ago. She still likes him a year later. ;-) They worked hard to accomplish this wedding, but it was all worth it!

Wedded couple close-up shot
Wedded couple - Patrick Pretorius Photography
As mother of the bride I enjoyed the whole day. There were a few tears, but not much. It was just one big happy party! I shared a few photos on Instagram about the wedding: #JacobsTroue. We were so grateful for everybody who took the time off to celebrate the day with us. I think it was the best wedding ever! Of course! ;-)

Flower-girl at wedding
Miss Fine the Flower-girl - Patrick Pretorius Photography

All the hard work of making the wedding decorations paid off. The rustic wedding theme looked amazing. I will be sharing some more in later posts.

I am so happy that my daughter is happy! She is having the time of her life!

The wedding couple also entertained us immensely on their wedding day. They danced and danced.
This is from a screenshot from one of their dance creations. That was so clever and entertaining, you two! We are impressed and think you just lifted the bar for upcoming weddings.
#JacobsTroue #HnK
All our blessings are with you!
May you have wedded bliss always!


  1. Congratulations! They look fabulous!

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  3. Dit was WOW anders..gemaklik en oulike idees wat dit n Sukses gemaak het!!

  4. Veels geluk Karen - en vir die twee pas getroudes. Pragtige troue en sy was die mooiste bruid. Jy en kleinsus het ook pragtig gelyk

  5. Congratulations! They look very happy. Xxx

  6. Replies
    1. It was the BEST wedding 😃 The two entertained us so much!


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