Wednesday, 1 August 2018

One week to go - The Wedding

Family photo of MomAgain@40 family
MomAgain@40 clan
We have one week left, before our Eldest move out of the house. The Wedding is near. I am going to be M.O.B. The excitement levels are exponentially increasing. There is nothing like a wedding. We can't wait!

I am so glad everything worked out in the end. We did not know how we could afford a wedding, but somehow it all came together. This has been a very tough year. With lots of luck, blessings from friends and crafts all is ready to go. The Eldest is counting down each day. My sister and her husband is already here from London to celebrate their big day.

I feel a bit sad that the Eldest is moving out of the house. Permanently. This is the last week she is going to be around. The last week that we are going to ask, Are you eating here tonight? It is going to be strange to not have her around. I am sad. She is such a lovely person to have around. We will definitely miss her, and Miss Fine especially. She loved to have her around in the evenings. Even the dog stands in front of her door and cry in the evenings when she is not at home.

We are going to miss you! But we are so glad you found your special partner to share your life with! That is the best any parent could wish for their children. I know we will always be your parents, and we will always be involved with your life. You will happily drive off in the sunset, but life will unfold to the next chapter.

We will be here!


  1. What an honor to be M.O.B.! Looking forward to a great wedding. Your eldest is a lovely person and you deserve a commendation. Although life wasn't always easy you gave her a stable environment and the freedom to grow into the responsible, independent and kind person she is today. You can feel really proud.


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