Friday, 31 August 2018

Paperless Post - Review

Paperless Post first screen with envelope and name
Paperless Post card
You've got mail...

We have moved away from invitations through the mail. The recent wedding invitations and Save-the-Date notifications was all done through email and WhatsApp notifications. Our Post Office in South Africa is also not dependable at all! I wish I knew about Paperless Post before this, but NOW I can start planning/designing for the next big event. Miss Fine will be celebrating her 10th and The Man will be celebrating his 50th in a few year's time.

I designed two invitations through Paperless Post in half an hour. There are so many choices to select that it was not even necessary to bring in my own designs or photos. (Which are also options that are allowed)..

I designed the birthday invite for Miss Fine. When you get the card in your inbox, it opens up (moving image of card out of envelope) into a card, with the details, RSVP option and map on the same page. I did some screen prints, but it does not give the full experience. You have to see the options available on the website to appreciate it.
(The birthday details on the cards are only for example purposes)

Paperless Post birthday invite with details
Paperless Post Birthday invite
Paperless Post invite details
Paperless Post invite details on same page as the Birthday Card
Paperless Guest Post
Paperless Post Guest list that is automatically updated

The 50th invite was designed on a Flyer. It looks like the next BIG THING, as the flyer includes a moving image. It is seriously cool! The link can be shared to email or to Facebook. Great for an event invite!

Paperless Post 50th birthday invite
Paperless Post 50th invite (the man with the radio is moving in the original)
Paperless Post birthday invitation feedback
Paperless Post Birthday invite feedback
You also get immediate notifications in your inbox when you preview, and sent the invitations. With each RSVP there is also a notification. There is a "postbox" on the Paperless Post website, which you can view and look at the RSVP's. The flyers can be managed with a link that is sent, and you can also keep track of the invites and RSVP's.

Paperless Post comes at a cost, but it seems you can get very far with the "coins".

This was a very satisfying experience. Everything is in place, and it seems they have thought of everything with the designs. It's nice to tick this off as quickly as possible when planning that next big event.

Watch out for my next invite!

Disclaimer: I was given bonus coins to review this experience.


  1. We we’re invited to a wedding via paperless post once before. It was a custom design with pictures of the couple, all very fancy. I was so impressed with this. They also had some sort of website for this wedding and the gift registry and paperless post and everything was linked. It was just so incredibly easy and professional. Everything at the click of a button.

  2. Good to hear, Laetitia. I can't wait for our next birthday! :-)


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