Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Sgt. Stubby, An Unlikely Hero - Review

Sgt. Stubby - Un Unlikely Hero - part of poster
Sgt. Stubby is an unexpected movie, with an unexpected hero. The animated movie of the war trials and heroism of a stray dog during the First World War are epic. Especially since it is based on a true story. The dog formed a strong bond with a his master and battalion. He managed to stay with the dough-boys of the 26th "Yankee" Division at the onset of America's involvement in WWI in Europe.

This family loved the movie. I cried tears, and when Miss Fine asked me why I was crying, I had to say that it was because it was so beautiful (at that stage). But it was also sad. The movie portrays the harsh brutality of war in a palatable way. (I am that sensitive viewer.) I don't think the kids will pick up on the harshness of forcing the war to continue until the very last bell, and the lives that were lost so unnecessary, but the message was there. The character of the dog is extremely lovable, but also believable.

This is a movie to put on your movie list for the whole family.

Sgt. Stubby, An Unlikely Hero starts nationwide on 14 September.

We were invited to the premiere of the movie at Ster-Kinekor's Head Office in Kramerville. We had a great time. Thanks so much, Craving Novity. The dress code was army style. I forgot about it, but somehow we were spot on.

FB photo frame pose for Sgt Stubby movie
Photo-op: Sgt. Stubby FB frame
Girl in front of Sgt. Stubby poster
Sgt Stubby pose

Girl standing in front of army tents
This was the only pose I could get in front of the tents ;-)

Sgt Stubby's Hot Diggity Dogs stand
Sgt. Stubby's Hot Diggity Dogs (There was also a vegetarian option for me)
Girl waiting with popcorn in lap, and Sgt. Stubby pet
Let the movie start - Sgt Stubby

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