Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hatching a Mermaid - Coolest ever

Nurchum Mermaid Hatch Egg, still in packaging
Ever since the hatching craze started, Miss Fine Fine had her eye on a hatching egg. Two years back the craze was sold out. We could not even get them from America when my brother came to visit. So we never got around to get a hatching egg. The excitement was high when the Nurchums Hatch Egg arrived as a blog drop.

Girl opening up bucket with Nurchum hatch egg
What she always wanted - a hatching egg!

It was indicated on the package that it was going to be a mermaid, and the countdown started...

Apparently it was going to take a while, even 14 days a-while, which was very long for a child (and Mom). But I was surprised. Miss Fine took it in her stride. She started to mark off the days on the calendar, and everyday there were more cracks starting to show. We got the egg on Tuesday, and by Friday the cracks were large enough to see something inside. We convinced Miss Fine to wait another day, and on Saturday she finally cracked it open. You can see the progress on my Instagram Highlights.

The allure of the hatching toys ticks the box for Socio Emotional Learning (SEL) toys, which teach children nurturing as well as delayed gratification. It also forms part of the collectibles craze, while the surprise aspect also adds to the fun. We knew we were getting a mermaid, but not how she would look.

Miss Fine is still busy growing the mermaid. Apparently you can let her grow, and when we take her out of the water, she will return to original size.

Nurchums are also available in Dinosaur ranges, as well as Fantasy figurines. Great for girls and boys alike. 

This is perfect for a birthday persent, as well as a Christmas present. They retail for R89.99, which is fantastic! This is my best go-to birthday present and Christmas gift option sorted for the upcoming year! They are available at Plasticland, Toy Kingdom, and other independent toy shops and can also be purchased online at Takealot and Loot.

For more information, visit Pollywiggles

Disclaimer: We got this as a blog drop, but I was not asked to paid or write this.
                    This is just too good not to share!

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