Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Why you would want an Instax SQ6 Square

Instax SQ6 flatlay with sunflower
Fujifilm launched their Instax SQUARE SQ6 camera in South Africa last week. It's available in stores and online. We got to play at the launch (see my photos on Instagram), and we got an Instax Mini 9 to take home. The Instax SQ6 Square is still on my Christmas list, because it offers just so much more than the mini. The square size of the prints are a winner!

We all have our photos on our phones, but the printing of an instant memory adds that extra special moment we are able to capture in time. I am thinking of birthday parties, and special events where we want to have that extra reminder. The possibilities with flatlays and special photos for bloggers and content creators are endless...

Flatlay of Instax SQ 6 Square with food
Instax SQ6


  • The Instax SQ6 Square is easy to use.
  • It delivers 1x1 square printing on the spot, within 3 minutes.
  • The 1x1 ratio is popular on social media sites. The square gives it plenty of room to capture the scene.
  • It is stylish and hip to have it and to use it. (Joneses, look out!)
  • It is available in 3 colours: Blush Gold, Graphite Grey and Pearl White.
  • SQ6 includes Automatic Exposure Control. The high-performance flash calculates the surrounding brightness and adjusts shutter speed to capture both the subject and background with clarity. Low light conditions are not a problem.
  • The selfie mirror makes it easy to capture a selfie.
  • Macro mode and landscape mode are available.
  • Group photos are made easier with a built-in timer, as well as a tripod socket.
  • The Double Exposure mode allows to capture an artistic shot with two images in the same print.
  • 3 Flash filters (orange, purple and green) are also available.

Miss Fine loves the Instax Mini 9 (which print a credit card size) already. We have had to set up ground rules with regards taking photos and printing it. I have selected my colour of choice for the Instax SQ6 (take note, Hubby), and it's on top of my Christmas wishlist for 2018.

The Fujifilm Instax retails for a suggested R1999. Fujifilm instax SQUARE film can be purchased in packs of ten or 20, and is now available in not only white but also black frame borders (which looks super cool).

Now I've got an extra item on my monthly budget: Fujifilm Instant Film. (It's not cheap, but we NEED it now *tongue out*)

For more information, visit www.instaxsa.co.za.

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