Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Mid-year update - Miss Fine

9-year old Girl in box
Miss Fine had to take a back-step these past few months. It was only wedding stuff and preparations, and the whole budget went into it. The Wedding was the best party ever, and it was all worth it! Miss Fine had a ball of a time. She complained before the wedding that she would not know what to do with herself and that she would be bored. This was not the case. She was a perfect flower-girl, and she enjoyed manning the photo booth with her friends. She also danced the night away! Everybody commented on how confident and big she is.

The 21st of each month used to be my monthly update when she was small. This blog is all about keeping track about how she is growing into the person she has become. I did an update after the first Grade 4 exams, which went very well. We only had feedback from the teacher after the holidays. The teacher said that Miss Fine is her perfect example of kids that really do well, although they are so young for their grade. This validated our decision to put her in Grade 1 when we did. (This is what moms do: Worry about what you do and don't do, and each year we worry AGAIN!) "Phew!"

The melt-downs are more under control. We understand much better that it is linked to anxiety. The school does not see it, but we get it at home. We understand that she sees it as a safe space to blow off steam. She is getting a better grip on it through an educational psychologist, and I am amazed that the more she names it, the more we see less of it. Slaying those dragons!

She has friends at school. She takes part in choir, gymnastics, and Voortrekkers. This semester she and her friend decided not to do hockey. They felt they wanted to play a bit. We are totally fine with it! When else do they get time to play?

Miss Fine, I am so enjoying you right now. It is great to have discussions with you. You are starting to ask big questions, and we welcome it! As long as you think for yourself, and do not take everything on face value, you will be all-right in this world. You are so big all of a sudden!

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