Thursday, 2 August 2018

Matsimela Baobab Seed Sugar Scrub sorts Eczema

Matsimela Boabab Seed Scrub and Body Butter
Matsimela Baobab Seed Range
We made a great discovery during the winter. Miss Fine struggles with eczema on her toes. It's always dry, scratchy and breaks open in sores underneath when walking barefoot. Which she loves to do, and mostly can't. The winter is better, because she is wearing shoes, but summer is around the corner again... Miss Fine used my Matsimela Baobab Seed Kalahari Sugar Scrub a while ago, and we haven't looked back!

I am using my Matsimela products very sparingly. It is such a treat that I want to savour it for as long as possible. I only allowed her a little bit of the scrub to use when she asked me one night. We immediately saw the difference. The scrub leaves a lovely oily layer on the skin. The dryness and flakiness are gone on the spot. You don't even need a body cream after that. The fact that the products are natural and  free from harsh chemicals and preservatives, makes it a wonderful product to use for eczema. The baobab seed also has wonderful healing properties, and I think that adds to the wonderful results we got.

We have found the solution to her eczema! Now the Matsimela Baobab Seed Sugar Scrub will be on our monthly list. It's R85.50 in the online shop. That's a score!

Check out Matsimela's Women's Month contribution: By purchasing any Baobab Seed product, R2 will be donated to Miss Earth SA.

 Try this, and let me know if you have the same results?

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I got the Matsimela Baobab Seed Scrub in a blogger meetup, but bought the Matsimela Baobab Body Butter myself.

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