Wednesday, 10 October 2018

10 Reasons why I am staying in South Africa

Johannesburg skyline traffic shot with Weathershot 22 degrees
Johannesburg weather this morning
South Africa. There a daily constant barrage of people/friends that's moving overseas, or are making their living already in another spot of the world. We have family overseas who are happy. Even my husband wants to move, but I don't. I love my South Africa. I love everything we have here, and I don't think people appreciate things that we take for granted here... I got such a positive feedback from a friend today who can go overseas because she has a passport already. She says she is staying. She wants to! It is difficult to stay (or staying positive about staying), but I know it is difficult moving as well. To each what makes you most happy!

This is my list of the things that makes me happy here in South Africa:

10 Things to love about South Africa

(Not in chronological order of importance)

1. The Weather. We have 3 months of winter here, and the rest are summer. We complain when there is a bit of cloud or drizzle or a wind. We have the best weather, especially in Johannesburg.

2. The culture and the vibe here. We have our families, our culture and our tradition here. Nowhere else in the world will we find the same. We can talk in our mother-tongues. I even do my daily work in my own mother-tongue.

3. Our family tree converged on this south point. We have a genealogical smorgasbord from all over. From Europe, England, Hungary, Netherlands and France. Our forefathers came here to make a new living. A new language, Afrikaans, was born because of this. It is the youngest language in the world, and is a reflection of the rich diversity of cultures and languages. Just the other day I listened to an an interview about how much the Khoi language made an impact on Afrikaans. We have a rich culture here.

4. The natural geological diversity of our country. We have so much for tourism here. We have our cities and our ports, but we also have the bush, mountains and oceans. We can do a staycation in our own city or we can drive an hour away for a lovely bush break and camping.  There's also nothing quite like a vacation at the beach.

5. Best wine. We have some of the best wines of the world here, and for R50 we can still get a decent bottle of wine here. Ask me, we tried them all. Check my profile Karen Toit on Vivino. The variety and quality are excellent.

6. Schools. Despite what everybody says, my daughter still gets a decent education here. Not private education, because we can't afford it. My eldest were able to complete her school years as well as her university education in her mother-tongue. She was lucky. It will probably not stay that way, but as long as you get your early education in your own mother tongue, you are sorted (that's what my education degree taught me).

7. Braai. We love being outdoors and doing a regular braai (barbecue) on the weekends. Even though I am not eating meat any more, I still love the smell of a burning log fire. A mushroom on the braai is just as good!

8. Friends and family. Our friends and family are here. There is nothing that beats a braai with friends or family.

Coffee cup with Five FM selected on car radio tuner
Five FM

9. Five FM. We have good radio stations here. I only recently discovered Five FM again, and I have been laughing all the way to and from work every day. Where in the world will I find all the South African quirks and language nuances reflected than right here? We can also laugh and make fun at ourselves.

10. General goodwill. People are friendly here, and they greet you with enthusiasm. They are also always willing to help. That is my experience and my belief! South Africans are a gregarious bunch of people. (Of course there are assholes, but also anywhere else in the world.)

What do you love about South Africa?


  1. I’m with you on this. I’m not a quitter and can’t see why I should quit living in the most beautiful country in the world just because everyone is thinking of jumping ship.

  2. Everyone has to make up their own mind. However, what happens when there is nothing left in SA and the economy is fully destroyed? Do you have a plan B to get you and your family out? Have you noticed what happened in Venezuela recently when they implemented socialist policies? And it happened in a short period of time. South Africa is a ticking timebomb. As I always say “hope is not a strategy”. Are you willing to bet everything you have and your way of life and your actual life on hope? Change is never easy but Afrikaners are natural explorers and leaders. I personally wish I could get all my friends and family out of South Africa, it that’s a decision they have to make for themselves and then they need to make it happen. It’s getting harder and harder to immigrate. Keep and open mind to change!

    1. I hear you, Concerned! Some of us also don't have the financial means to just pack up and go!


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