Sunday, 17 December 2017

Johannesburg Staycation Wish-list

Hanging in my city!

It's finally finally the holidays! It's lovely summer weather in South Africa.

We are staying at home this year. It has been a rough year financially, and we have to save for a wedding next year, as our Eldest is engaged and they have a date!

I have been working on a list of places to go in Johannesburg. The list is all the things we can do as a family together. There's so much to do here, that I don't think we will be able to do everything. It's great to know we have options, and that it not such a bad idea to travel in my own city. I've already bought the Entertainer App 2018, but they have added extra items on each of the offers available. I am also able to Ping a 1000 (1000!!) of these offers. (Let me know if you want a ping? One meal or experience for a the same value.). 

List of things to do in Johannesburg

Travel in my City, Johannesburg


1. Honeydew Mazes - Unfortunately it closes today and only opens on 15 January. On my wishlist for 2018!

2. PwC Bike Park in Bryanston. (On The Entertainer)

3. Johannesburg City Tour with the Hop-On Hop-Off Red Tour Bus. We have been, but there is still much we can see on the route!

4. Acrobranch in Melrose. (Entertainer)

5. Tented camp stay-over for one night.
    We've got many options:

  • Bushwillow at Glenburn Lodge
  • Amadwala Lodge
  • Wildside Tent Camp - Lion Park 
6. Pinocchio at Joh'burg Theatre.

7. Star Wars The Last Jedi. By all accounts and reviews this is epic! Date night, for sure!

8. Coco, a Walt Disney movie, for family movie night.

9. The Pines in Krugersdorp. This is an outing for a whole day. It's a rad picnic spot with swimming pools and water sports. We have never been here. 

10. Johannesburg Zoo. This is always a treat! (Entertainer)

11. Emperors Palace Magical Christmas Lights. Done! It is totally worth it!

12.  The Circus - The Grifizzi Brothers with The Story of The Moon at Emperors Palace. We are booked for this!

13. Melrose Arch Christmas Lights.

14. Appelblaar Christmas Lights. This has become a firm family tradition in our house.

15. Lego Play Area in Sandton City. It is going until the 27th of December and it's free.

16. Rooftop bars/restaurants in Johannesburg. We need to go to at least one! Can you recommend any good ones? I know there are lists going around.

17. Maboneng - there is Smack Republic and the Living Room. This sounds like a Sunday outing.

18. A brewery, like Mad Giant Beer Brewery.

19. Tree Top Adventures.

20. Rusty Hook. Always an outing!

21. Shrek JR The Musical is still on at People's Theatre. We've done this! Thisa is a great family outing for the holidays!

22. The Beach at the Mall of Africa. We should definitely do this again.

The list is growing as I am typing. I don't think we are going to be able to do everything. At least we have options. I am looking forward to our staycation!

What are you doing?
Do you have any more suggestions?

Drive safe, and remember #CarseatFullstop!
Carseat Fullstop #CarseatFullstop


  1. Woohoo! I'm working on a similar post, SO much to do! Do you stay closed to Appelblaar? We're only a few roads away and it's our favourite Christmassy thing to do!

    1. Hi Megan We are about 10 minutes from Appelblaar. Let me know when you post your list, please?


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