Friday, 22 December 2017

Miss is 9 years old

Birthday Girl

We have a girl in our house that turned 9 yesterday! Miss is big. Very big! It's sad that's she's not the Little Miss any more, but we love the interesting dialogues we have with her now! She questions the world, and she's got some of her own answers! She has been living the 9 years old life for a year! (What happens when you only turn your age at the end of a year!) By all accounts this year went very well! We are very happy with her report card!

Miss had a very relaxed birthday with some family and neighbourhood friends yesterday. She did not get a big birthday celebration, as all is going into saving for the wedding next year! But she loved it.

We are so glad we made the move to a new school this year! It was the best decision ever. The school is not that far, and we are most impressed with the standard of education that she gets there! She also had no issues academically. Now we are ready for the dreaded Grade 4.

She has made great friends at school. She also has a BFF. The Voortrekkers helped a lot with that! She is also exhibiting some signs of going into a tween phase! All good!

Next year we will be working on some of the melt-downs that goes hand in hand with some anxiety, sensory issues and a melancholy personality trait. We can show her see the silver lining, but she's got to embrace it!

Hope 2018 is going to be a great year for you, Miss!

We love you!


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