Monday, 18 December 2017

The Circus is in Town with The Grifizzi Brothers at Emperors Palace

The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers Circus at Emperors Palace
Emperors Palace is host to The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers, the incredible 'animal-free circus' extravaganza! I still remember the excitement when the circus came to town. There's nothing as mesmerising as entering the Big Circus Tent and being entertained by magic and skills and absolute wonderment, with a good dose of humour by the clowns.

Not only does Emperors Palace entertain families with the Garden of Lights this season, but also with the Circus by The Grifizzi Brothers with The Story of the Moon. It's a double whammy for families, as you can't go wrong with either, and it is even better when you book for The Grifizzi Brothers AND the Garden of Lights together!

The Story of The Moon with Ziyanda Yako as the Good Fairy - Grifizzi Brothers

The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers, the creators of Madame Zingara, presents their incredible ‘animal-free circus’ extravaganza, The Story of the Moon, next to the Garden of Lights from 06 December 2017 to 15 January 2018. Presented in a bespoke, traditional Italian Big Top tent, the show is emceed by the vivacious Lilian Khumalo as Mama Circus, supported by singer Ziyanda Yako, the hilarious strong man Gilberto Salgueiro Filho and his comical sidekick, Jonathan De Lima Sbano.  
The Moon and The Clown - Grifizzi Brothers Circus
We went with our Miss yesterday afternoon, and the whole family had a blast. The children sit in front of the ring, and they thoroughly enjoy it when the entertainers chase at them, or ask them to participate!

I am not going to share all the photos I took (177 of them), as it can't do the whole experience justice, and there are so many surprises. Which you should experience as well... I tried to take numerous photos of the lady and the gent who changes clothes, but to no avail. (We were not allowed to take videos. Not that I think it would help in solving the magic!) 

How do they do that? The gymnastic and balancing skills are excellent!

Oh, and everybody loves the fact that this Circus is animal-free! Well done, Grifizzi Brothers!
Grifizzi Brothers Circus
Of course I am recommending this and gives it a big thumbs-up on my Johannesburg Staycation Wishlist! You have to go!

Tickets to The Story of the Moon are R140 per person.
Please visit for show times and to book tickets.
For school group bookings, please contact 071 400 2250.

Disclaimer: We were given the tickets to attend. Thanks so much, Emperors Palace Team!


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