Monday, 11 December 2017

The Magic of Emperors Palace Garden of Lights

Emperors Palace kick-starts the festive season with the dazzling Garden of Lights
Christmas Lights! There's nothing that kick starts the festive season better than Christmas Lights! Emperor's Palace has switched on their magic Garden of Lights for the tenth time this year.

Best of all! You spread kindness by going! The proceeds from the R25 entrance fee will be donated to The Cancer Association of South Africa, and the Peermont Childrens and Education Trusts. Children under two go in for free, and a family of five only pays R100.

This is the first time we saw the Garden of Lights! It is well worth the drive to Emperors Palace if you are not staying nearby! The Garden of Lights was switched on on Thursday night, and the night was perfect at the Peermont D’oreale Grande Hotel gardens. The rain gave us a little break to have a wonderful unforgettable experience!
Emperors Palace sunset

The treats were divine at the launch function at Aurelia's!

Emperors Palace Garden of Lights switch on

A Feast at Emperors Palace
Sweets table
The most memorable Christmas Carols...
Christmas carols in the Gardens of Emperors Palace
We had so much fun watching the entertainers, most from the Grifizzi Brothers Circus that's also now on at Emperors Palace until the 15th January. The "animal-free circus" extravaganza, The Story of the Moon, is next to the Garden of Lights.

Emperors Palace

The switch-on was a real magical experience!

The fun-fair rides are part of the experience, and we went through there before we walked through the Garden of Light. There's a Ferris wheel as well, but we saw it too late as it is on the other side of the Garden. (You have to pay extra for the rides!)

Emperors Palace Garden of Lights Fun-fair

The Garden of Lights are so much magic! We had a Miss who wanted to run ahead the whole time we were there!

Start of the Enchanted Garden at Emperors Palace Garden of Lights

Emperors Palace Garden of Lights
She found Olaf
Yes, I was there as well
This is definitely an outing you can put on your to-do list for the holidays. It is a great outing, and also not so heavy on the budget!
Emperors Palace has Summer FunStays packages which would be a great excuse to make it an overnight stay to visit to Garden of Lights as well as go and watch the Grifizzi Brothers.

Thanks Emperors Palace for the invite to the Media Launch!

Festive Mode has kicked in!


Grifizzi Brothers for Bookings
Emperors Palace Garden of Lights


  1. It was the first time we went this year and I am so glad we went. It was awesome!
    (Did you also see that its sold out when you went to the circus?)

  2. Replies
    1. Your Littly would enjoy it just as much, Susann!

  3. I booked for myself and my daughter in law and our 4 grandchildren to go to the festival of lights on the 27/12/2017.
    The show was completely overbooked so much so that as we passed the first tunnel of lights and were about to turn left to go on one of the children slipped in the mud as we were being pushed and shoved.
    So we did not see the festival of lights and turned around and left.
    It was not enjoyable at all.
    What a waste of time.


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