Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Beach at The Mall of Africa - put it on your Staycation list!

The Beach at Waterfall Park - The Mall of Africa
We have The Beach in Gauteng! We are sorted this year! We don't even have to have FOMO when we see beach pictures on our feeds. This year we can also write the YOLO. It is summer and it is hot in Gauteng, but luckily The Mall of Africa has us sorted!

We were invited to The Beach at Waterfall Park at The Mall of Africa on Saturday. Our Miss did not want to leave. But we will go back! At the price of R25 entrance it is well worth going for a day (or more)!

This is on my Staycation list!

The Hamleys Express Train is part of The Mall of Africa Kids Collective and starts from The Hamleys store on weekdays and from The Waterfall Park on weekends. (There is a R25 fee extra for this)
Hamleys Express Train

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Shade at The Beach - Mall of Africa
Volleyball at The Beach
This was too scary!

This was a winner - boat rides at The Beach

Trying to not fall off! She made it!
 It's a party!

There is also a Dancing Shongolo at The Mall of Africa each day as well as an Early Childhood Play Centre. Parents can't go wrong here!

Disclaimer: Our entrance and Hanleys Express Train ride was given to us on Saturday.
Thank you very much, Mall of Africa Team! We had a great time!

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