Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Take a shot left at Dullstroom Inn

Dullstroom street with trees
Dullstroom street
We had brunch at the Dullstroom Inn a few weeks back. I was lurking on #TravelChatSA stream on Twitter tonight talking about all South African small towns. Dullstroom should definitely to be on the list of towns to visit. This town has so many stories and history to share. I have already written about Mrs. Simpson's and Wild about Whisky in Dullstroom.

Dullstroom Inn building seen from street
Dullstroom Inn

The Dullstroom Inn also needs a shout-out!

Some more photos. It's not a Wordless Wednesday, but here goes...
Dullstroom Inn door with customer
Entrance DullStroom Inn
Dullstroom Inn warning sign "No bloody swearing"
Warning with rugby showing in the background
Dullstroom Inn fire which burns the whole day

Dullstroom Inn Bar
Dullstroom In bar
Dullstroom Inn Hotel as seen from the street
Dullstroom Inn Hotel
Great for a weekend away, and beckoning us to go back again.

Have you been to Dullstroom?

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