Monday, 5 November 2018

Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR at Peoples Theatre - WOW!

Curtain at Disney's Beauty and the Beast at People's Theatre
Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR #BeautyBeastJR
Jill Girard and Keith Smith have done it again with the most recent production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR at Peoples Theatre. It's amazing, entertaining and totally different than the previous shows. It's not only theatre for young people, but for the whole family. The "storybook comes to life" shows are always a total treat. I am surprised each time at how creative they use the stage and the characters while still staying true to the original story. Well done! This is a great way to introduce children to theatre, and making them want to come back for more.

Miss Fine asked for the first time about the kids playing in the show.  How do they get to be there? They are such wonderful actors already, and inspires her immensely. I had to tell her about the auditions, but hopefully she forgets to ask again (*thumbs crossed*). It looks like they have so much fun on stage, but I am thinking about all the repetition and hard work and getting the children there...
Selfie: Karen du Toit, Miss Fine and Hubby
MomAgain@40 clan at People's Theatre
Girl looking at Beauty and the Beast JR programme at Peoples Theatre
Miss Fine waiting for the show to start at People's Theatre
We were blown away by the set and lighting for this show. The transparent drops with moving images added so much more to the eerie and somber scenes.

Peoples Theatre - Disney Beauty and the Beast with moving images

Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR will be on until 24 December. It will be great for an exam reliever or a great holiday outing in December.

Cast on stage at Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Final bow at Disney's Beauty and the Beast


Upbeat Annie JR at Peoples Theatre 

Beneath African Skies at the Peoples Theatre

Disclaimer: We got tickets to attend the show on Friday night. Thanks, Peoples Theatre and Buz Publicity


  1. I am the proud Mom of the set, lighting and video design and I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed the show.


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