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Tips for parents for Grade 4 Exams

Kwenyani Guest House
Miss Fine
We are beginning to breathe. The end of the Grade 4 exams are in sight. Friday will be the last subject. I read my previous posts about Grade 4 exams, and realise we go through the same motions each time. But it gets better!

I was really worried about these last exams. We did not prepare as much as we would love. Notice the "we" as the parents were still greatly involved in the process of learning. We both stepped in, and tried to help. It is not always easy when you try to help, and the recipient of the help knows better most of the times.

Amazingly, Miss Fine found her groove. It helps that she gets to stay at school (we don't have any other choice). She summarizes her subjects at school, and then we are able to check her knowledge at night. We are so impressed with her!
Here I was dreading this week, and when I pick her up I hear that she has gone through her work at least once! *Happy dance!*

I am so proud and so relieved!
Grade 4 was difficult! But she made it!

I have picked up some tips on how to cope as parents when helping a Grade 4 preparing for exams.

6 Tips on how to survive Grade 4 exams 

For parents of Grade 4 learners

  • The earlier you start, the better. If you have difficulty in convincing them to start early, don't sweat it. The work can be done in two one day.
  • Help, but also take a step away. They are supposed to start doing it on their own.
  • Take turns as parents to help. It keeps frustration at bay.
  • We set some goals. Do a page, and then we give you something/a surprise to do. Such as exercises, or jumping on the trampoline. (This really worked)
  • Pull up your own exam papers for them to complete. It gives you insight in how much they know, and helps them to feel better about an upcoming subject.
  • Give the responsibility back to the kid to learn. They may surprise you. 
Well done, Miss Fine!
You are so fine!

Photo at Kwenyani Guest house this past weekend. We attended a wedding in Roodeplaat on Saturday.

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