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daughters, by Stuart Land - Book review

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daughters, by Stuart Land - Review on Good Reads
I start so many books nowadays, to loose interest and not really wanting to continue. Although I do not like abandoning a book, I struggle to finish it. Does it say something about my reading style, or how much we have changed with regards reading behaviour in our multi-media world? Luckily "daughters" by Stuart Land gripped me immediately, and I could not wait each evening to find out what is the next shocker in this gripping tale. If you like science fiction and human behaviour stories, this is a great read. As a mom of daughters, this also hit a nerve, as I could only imagine how I would feel if my daughters get pregnant at age 12-13.

daughtersdaughters by Stuart Land
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. Since the moment I started reading, I wanted find out more and why this was happening. Virgin daughters getting pregnant worldwide, changing the story of human survival... I cannot say more, as I do not want to spoil the story-line for future readers. I love a good SciFi story, and this story ticks all the boxes. The story are made even more plausible by the use of biological science throughout. It is well-researched. The well-rounded characters also adds to the allure of the story. I would definitely recommend this story for a movie script.
Well done, Stuart Land!
Disclaimer: I got this book for free through a suggestion by Booktasters on Twitter, with the undertaking that I do a review afterwards. I even changed my review from 4.5 to 5 when I read the end of the story. You'll know when you read the end of the story.

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