Friday, 9 November 2018

Consciously connecting with nature - With Sunlight inspiration

Shepstone Gardens event
As a working person it is difficult to find time to spend in nature. We leave the house very early, spend at least two and a half hours in traffic each day, and sit in a cubicle without a glimmer of sunlight. We are disconnected from nature, and totally stressed. Profmed's Stress Index 2017 claims that stress has both an emotional and physical impact on professionals, with 10.9 percent of the respondents taking time off due to stress-related illness.  I was reminded on Tuesday to consciously seek out a closeness with nature to improve my own health, well-being and functioning.

Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid launched their Sunlight Extra range by treating us to a day of natural inspiration at Shepstone Gardens. We had a wedding at this lovely venue a few years back, and it still is a favourite spot in my books.

There is so much inspiration from nature, and these are my 5 take-away notes. How do we bring Nature back into our lives? 


Five tips on how to consciously connect with nature

Dr Ela Manga reminds us to BREATHE for energy. 

Yoga is a great way to reconnect with ourselves and the world.

Yoga class at Shepstone Gardens
Yoga at the beautiful Shepstone Gardens- photo supplied by The Riverbed

- Bring nature into your home by incorporating it into your interior design. 


We need the wood and the plants and natural elements. Your home should not be perfect, but reflect the natural bounty from outside.

- Incorporate natural ingredients in your day to day living. 

We were giving herbs and natural ingredients to crush to be used as a hand massage. It was a inspirational calming experience, selecting the herbs, sugar and oils and crushing it before culminating in a relaxing hand massage.

Bread platter with hummus on table decoration of leaves
Starter with humus at Shepstone Gardens

- To be healthy we must also incorporate more natural ingredients in our food. 

Mpho Tshukudu reminds us to eat together, go barefoot while eating(stay grounded), use hands and eat with wooden utensils, AND try to eat in nature. We are not separate from the food we eat. If we are stressed, our bodies can't use all the nutrients that the food provides.

Spinach phyllo parcel
Spinach and feta filled phyllo parcel

- Focus on more natural products in your home. 

There is a need for more conscious natural living, and the products that we use should reflect that. Sunlight has updated their product offering with a nature-inspired range. It smells natural and fresh, with extra punch! Sunlight has been a constant on my shopping list for years, as we could always depend on it to last the longest with the best results. We are excited to test the new range!

2 Sunlight Liquid Extra bottles between plants
Sunlight Liquid Extra #InspiredByNature

Sunlight Extra Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid contains lactic acid and mint. As an organic compound that is found naturally in our bodies, lactic acid is also a powerful anti-bacterial that is safe and effective for regular household use. Mint has also been used for generations as a natural antibiotic with antiviral, fungicidal and antioxidant properties. The lactic acid ensures that Sunlight Extra Anti-Bacterial kills 99.9% of germs found on a typical kitchen cleaning sponge, leaving you with peace of mind.

In the same way, Sunlight Extra Nature contains added aloe and mineral salts, both of which have been used for generations for their healing and soothing properties. This means that Sunlight Extra Nature is gentle on your hands while being safe for the whole family to use.


How do you make sure to connect more with nature?
How do you de-stress?
Please let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much Unilever and The Riverbed for the great reminder. 

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