Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Gift idea for the whole family - FUNKO POPS [WIN]

It's the Season of Giving, the season of spoiling your loved ones. It's sometimes so difficult to get something different and special for those close to you. That's why I love the idea of gifting a special Funko Pop to each of your family members. How cool!! It also won't break the bank especially when the budget is tight this year.

Funko Pops - CC Gammatek
It will be the most fun to choose that special Funko Pop that fits perfectly with each family member. It requires a bit of knowledge and some detective work to find out what they would love the most. The range is extensive; from football players, Game of Thrones, Marvel Superheroes, Disney princesses, DC Superheroes... There's even Sandy Olsson from Grease. She is sooo cute! These collectables will definitely awaken the spirit of starting your own collection.

Funko -The Incredibles (CC Gammatek)

Gammatek is the company with the slogan “everyone is a fan of something” that might just have exactly what you are looking for, and in one place. Funko Pop! collectables literally has a character for any taste and you are bound to find a character that will be perfect for every member of the family. 
Funko Superheroes - CC Gammatek

Funko products are available in SA from BT Games, Cardies, Hamleys, Incredible Connection, Musica, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, and Vodacom stores.
It is also available online on Loot.co.za, Takeaslot.com; Technomobi.co.za and Shopandship.co.za.


Gammatek has made available two Funko Pops to give away to two lucky readers of this blog. (Man, I am super jealous!)
Funko Pop Luke Skywalker figurine next to box
Luke Skywalker Funko Pop - CC Gammatek
Jack Sparrow Funko Pop next to it's box
Jack Sparrow Funko Pop - CC Gammatek

  • Two lucky readers can each win their  very own Funko Pop. You have a choice between Star Wars' Luke Skywalker or Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow.
  • Please comment below and tell me which one you want?
  • This competition will run for a week, until Tuesday 4 December 2018 at 12 pm. The lucky two winners will be drawn via Random.org. We will try to give each their choice of preference, but if both winners selected the same, the lucky draw via Random.org will be used again. (Note: Your choice is not guaranteed, but you will definitely win one of  the above: Luke Skywalker or Jack Sparrow).
  • This competition is only open to South African residents.
  • If you have won on this blog in the previous 3 months, you will not be eligible for this competition.
Congrats to the following winners: Sharleen Deacon and JP Botha

Sharleen Deacon, you will get your Jack Sparrow Funko POP! Unfortunately, Megs, I randomized again, and you came second. You are the lucky winner of Luke Skywalker Funko POP! Please send me your email adresses, phone numbers and daytime delivery addresses? If you do not respond within 24 hours, I will Randomize again.

Edited: Sorry, Megan, you have won here in the last three months. I have to disqualify you.

JP Botha, you are the Winner of a Luke Skywalker. Congrats!

Edited 11-12-2018: JP Botha, I haven't heard anything from you. Sorry, I have to find another winner.

 Lisa Trollip, you are the winner of the Luke Skywalker Funko POP! Please respond with your contact details within a day.

About Gammatek:
Gammatek was established in South Africa in 1999 and strives to be the leading distributor of Branded Technology Accessories in Southern Africa. The company distributes products that offer an added value proposition in terms of brand value and range and is currently the sole distributors of Body Glove, FUNKO, Ridata, Solo, Speck, Snug, Tiggly, UAG, UBTECH ROBOTICS, and Whoosh. Gammatek prides itself on timeously offering the latest accessories for all popular consumer electronic devices.
Gammatek’s product range please visit www.gammatek.co.za or follow us on Twitter @gammatek and Facebook.


  1. Jack Sparrow please

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    1. Congrats, Sharleen, you are the winner of a Jack Sparrow Funko Pop. Please send me your contact details?

  3. Luke Skywalker! May the Force be with you :)

    1. Congratulations, Lisa Trollip, You are the winner of the Luke Skywalker. I had to Randomize again, as the previous winner did not respond. Please send me your contact details?

  4. I would love the jack sparrow, huge fan

  5. I would love the jack sparrow!

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    1. Estelle Du Toit. My Google account doesn't want to work if i want to comment

  7. Ooh my boys would love Captain Jack Sparrow ♡

  8. Luke Skywalker for me please :-)

  9. Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow is my favourite!!!

  10. We would love Luke Skywalker - huge Star Wars fans!

  11. Jack Sparrow :)


  12. Jack Sparrow

    Will be so happy to win for my son


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