Thursday, 25 January 2018

Miss Fine

Prisma filter of girl with new friend - photo taken from back
New school year and new friends
I think we worry too much! The anxiousness got penned down two weeks back in How to cope with the first day back at school? Miss was expressing some worries about being able to cope with Grade 4. The parents' meeting last year did not help to ease our worries, but exacerbated it! (Yikes! We already signed up to a study course for the family and the online Studiemeester is on the budget). The thoughts were around Miss and her being young for her grade...

The fears were all unfounded. Miss glided into her school and her new class. She loves all her new teachers, and she even has made a new friend in class. She signed up for choir, netball, dance and drama. She did not do netball last year, but apparently it is not a problem. Her roster is full. The work in her new books looks great!

She even complained the first few days that there were too much colouring in, and not enough learning. :-)

So far, so good!

Why do we worry so much?

I have also decided not to say anything any more about some of the meltdowns. I saw the new friend at school who cried (several times the same afternoon) when things were a bit uncertain. (Miss took it more in her own stride.) That was at the school sports on Friday where we were there from 1 pm to 8 pm that same evening. The children only did their races after 6 pm. It was a traumatic day for all involved! It was hot and long and we struggled to figure out where the children should go for the different sporting heats. If you saw the faces of the parents, you can just imagine how the children felt/behaved... (Luckily that's a once off! "phew!")

I also said something this week about Miss is not listening and she always knows better. I was talking to her Dad on a rushed morning while we were struggling to get out of the door. Miss was busy preparing a jar with a bean and cotton wool, but she did not know if she had to have it at school or not. She also did not believe me when I told her the cotton wool does not have to be torn... Unfortunately there was some crying and some screaming.
Miss heard me saying the above, but what she heard is that she is "ugly", because she said that is what we said. (We did not say ugly in any context.) Horrors!

Sorry, Miss! From now on I will focus on the positive, and only help her to cope when she has a meltdown. Because it is an overwhelming emotion!

She is excited for the year!
We are too!

How is it going with the new school year?

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