Friday, 5 January 2018

Hill's Prescription Diet and our dogs

We were contacted last year to test Hill's Prescription Diet. Based on our dogs' profiles we got the Hill's Prescription Diet k/d + Mobility food for Benji (the oldest) and Hill's Science Plan Mature Adult for our pavement special, Petite Peu. (Petite Peu is already a senior after she passed the age of 7 years already. So quick!)

We had to say goodbye to our little Yorkie Benji last year. It was difficult for me to write about him, and think about him. Even while writing this, I am tearing up! Our pets are not only our pets, they are our companions and our friends! He left a huge gap. He was such a happy chappy all along!

Benji, our Miniature Yorkshire Terrier

The Hill's Prescription Diet

How does it work?

- It is very easy to go to the website and identify the specific food that you need for your dog. There is a choice between Puppy, Adult dog and Mature dog. Also an option for Dog with Health Condition. The options are varied and very specific. I am impressed!

- It was super easy to order Hill's at my local vet (just around the corner), and picking up the next day. I am able to phone them each month for my order.

- Both dogs loved their new food. They treated it like snacks. We sometimes have a new visitor nowadays. The Eldest and her future husband have already got the puppy. The puppy swaps very eagerly her food for Petite Peu's food. (We have to watch them.) It tells me that the food has a great taste.

- Before Benji passed away, he was struggling with walking, and his back legs. It seemed like the food improved his walking, and climbing the stairs. Unfortunately he was just tóó old (somewhere between 16 or 120 years of age) and his body gave in. I do think we gave him the best food there is, and for that I am grateful! (Thanks, Hill's!)

- We continued to feed Petite Peu the food that was left after Benji died. So her mobility is excellent now! ;-) We found three ticks last November on her, and the veterinarian warned me that she is very vulnerable to tick fever! But she is still very much healthy! I definitely think the food upped her immunity!

Petite Peu
- The Hill's website contains excellent articles with information about keeping your pets healthy. From articles about Caring for your mature dog to the Nutritional needs of a mature dog. Also check our the Senior Pets for more information. 

The newest gremlin, a Pekinese
We are impressed with the quality of food.

Thank you very much, Hill's, for the first two bags.

Disclaimer: I was not asked/paid to write this article.

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