Monday, 15 January 2018

Hiking at Kloofendal Nature Reserve with Dumbbells and Delights


We were pleasantly surprised this weekend when we went on a hike at Kloofendal Nature Reserve with powerhouse Samantha Dube of Dumbbells and Delights. The area is beautiful, and it is just around the corner in Roodepoort. There were so many people who were there, enjoying the hikes and the views, and sitting down for picnics. (But not overcrowded).

Kloofendal Nature Reserve
There is a number of trails to choose from. We took the longest trail of 3.5 km and had to do the hills. The views are great, which my photos of course do not do justice.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve Hike

#DDHike organiser Samantha

"Mountain climbing" #DDHike
The hills were quite steep, and we got a decent exercise for the morning!

#DDHike with the Eldest

Thanks, Samantha, for organising it! You are an inspiration!

We will be back for more hikes, picnics and bird watching. There are also a number of guided tours to do here! It also was perfectly safe to hike, and the area is well maintained! We also did not have to pay a fee. It's FREE!

What a gem! Why did we not go sooner?


  1. Thank you for coming and writing about it your experience. I'm glad you had a good time. Hope your legs are not too sore.

    1. Thanks, Sam! My legs felt like jelly while we were walking, but fortunately it is not sore! I can definitely do it again ;-)


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