Monday, 29 January 2018

Wash Less Live More - OMO

Photos of the OMO #WashLessLiveMore activation
Photos from the OMO Gallery of Stains #WashLessLiveMore
Wash Less Live More! This is a positive hashtag that we can all get behind!

Shout-Out to OMO for running with this great hashtag! We can use it for all live quotes:
Clean Less Live More
Tidy Less Live More
Dust Less Live More
Cook Less Live More

We were invited to an OMO GALLERY OF STAINS activation at Cresta this weekend. It was open and free for all to enjoy! (Next time you see an activation at Cresta, jump in! It is always so much fun!)

OMO provided the ultimate escape in the mall by way of learning and adventure by bringing the “DIRT IS GOOD” philosophy of OMO to life. It was an experience with dirt! Miss would say that there was not enough dirt, but she enjoyed the whole set-up with gusto!

There was 3D projections, with a dirt river ...
Girl in rubber dinghy on dirt river, with OMO logo in background
Omo Dirt is Good #WashLessLiveMore
Tomato sauce with ginormous fries...

Girl biting into huge fry with tomota sauce in background (with OMO logo)
OMO Dirt is Good - even with tomato sauce

Crafts designing and printing a t-shirt...
Girl designing own OMO t-shirt logo
OMO t-shirt printing
T-shirt printing at the OMO Gallery of Stains
The finished product!
Girl with self-designed OMO t-shirt
Very pleased with her OMO t-shirt (which we got for free)
Getting dirty is the biggest fun...
Girl adding dirt to clean cloth
Mud as the choice of playing with dirt
 OMO cleans it!
Lady showing clean cloth after she applied OMO to the dirt
OMO used to clean cloth
We even got upside down...

Thanks OMO for the reminder! We should play/live more!
This was a cool CLEAN activation!

Girl marking OMO sign with painted hands
Take the Pledge! #WashLessLiveMore

Girl colouring in at the OMO activation
Dirty is Good

Disclaimer: We got the fun, the t-shirt and the printed photos for free, but was not asked or paid for this post.
I just LOVE the hashtag!

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  1. We did it too! See photos on SA Mom blogs FB page! I liked the Tshirt. A lot of fun.


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