Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Play-Doh and the 4 C's of skills

Play-Doh box - Shape and Learn
Play-Doh Shape & Learn - Numbers & Counting
Play-Doh has been a firm favourite in our house from early on. It does not look as there is a cut-off date for creating and learning with it! We received the Play-Doh Shape & Learn - Numbers & Counting set yesterday as a blog drop. The package states 2+, but I'm sure we can go until 100 years of age. It's a great family activity, and we love the fact that the creative possibilities and learning opportunities are endless.

The new Play Doh Shape & Learn series consists of Numbers & Counting, Colours & Shapes, Letters & Language, Shape a story, Textures & Tools and Make & Measure.

Girl working with Play-Doh stamps
Play Doh Shape & Learn - Numbers & Counting
We need more skills today than before. Our future is much more complex, and we need to prepare our children accordingly. The 4 C’s of skills that are so important for learning and success, are the following:
  • Critical thinking and problem solving, 
  • Communication, 
  • Collaboration, and 
  • Creativity. 
Play-Doh are excellent to help foster and enhance these essential skills, which set the scene for discovering the world in an innovative and non-prescriptive way and help young children navigate their immediate environment.

According to creative parenting expert,  Nikki Bush, “In an increasingly screen-based world, children are at risk of exploring the world through the sense of touch less, which has as negative effect on their overall development. Sensopathic play - using the sense of touch is a very real, concrete and experiential way to learn through personal experience - is essential and a tool such as Play-Doh allows children to use this sense to push, pull and create in a tactile environment. 

Play Doh stamp patterns
Play-Doh stamps in the Play-Doh Shape & Learn series
Tip for parents: Keep the creativity flowing by offering encouragement for open-ended activities, but don’t be prescriptive in telling your child what to do or make or critique their work. Instead encourage trial and trial experimentation versus trial and error. When it comes to young minds reality can be suspended so anything goes.
Check out Hasbro's Teaching Tools and Activities for creative learning opportunities in using Play-Doh.

Disclaimer: We got the Play-Doh Shape & Learn Numbers & Counting as a blog drop. Thanks, Hasbro and Atmosphere Communications. We were not asked or paid for this post!
We think this is a great (educational) gift for any child!

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