Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Pretoria Zoo Snooze - it's an experience!

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa
I realized at the end of last year that I never wrote about the children camping overnight at the Pretoria Zoo. They had such a great experience! It is one of the things that gets a place in the memory books!

 The photos were taken at drop-off and pick-up the following morning.

The Voortrekkers at the Pretoria Zoo - setting up camp
The Voortrekkers planned and executed this outing. Unfortunately not all the parents could go along and stay overnight. There is not enough space to accommodate everybody. The parentals had to drop and fetch, and we decided to stay overnight at a nearby cost-efficient hotel. (That is a story on it's own, but we made it through the night! ;-))

The children played and interacted with the animals in the farmyard. They were also taken on a night tour of the Zoo, where they saw many of the nocturnal animals that you don't see during the day-time. The Zoo provides the guides.
Pretoria Zoo Farmyard

Zoo Snooze

Pretoria Zoo

Watching two small hippos at the Zoo

Feeding grass to the ducks - Pretoria Zoo Farmyard
This all happened in the last weekend of October 2017. The children absolutely enjoyed the outing. Although the guides had their own party, and they struggled to sleep during the night, it is an experience for the books!


On a side note: We were shocked about the state of the entrance to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa. Luckily we could enter at another gate. We were also worried about the state of some of the enclosures. We only saw a little bit of the Zoo, so maybe it is not so bad for the rest? I hope so?

When last did you visit the Pretoria Zoo? 

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