Tuesday, 16 January 2018

How to cope with the first day back at school?

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Holiday memories

This has been the longest school holidays ever! We did not do all the Johannesburg Staycation Wish-list things we wanted to, but it was awesome taking a break. The children are only going back to school tomorrow. It's already past the half-way mark of January.

We will miss the relaxed days of holidays, and not sticking to a fixed routine. Miss loves going to bed later, and sleeping until the sun is in the 9th hour quadrant already! We also love sleeping later (at least 30 minutes later), and not having to dodge the early morning traffic. Tomorrow it's a thing of the past! "Sigh!"

But, sticking to my "positive" word of the year, I have to grab this year by it's Grade 4 horns. Miss is apprehensive about this year, and after a school meeting with the prospective Grade 4 parents, we are also worried aware of the challenges! (Help!?)

How to cope with the first day back at school?

- Preparations are most important

Make sure you have bought all the necessary stationary and have sorted the school clothes long before the day. Mark everything. This year even our printer was not working, but Miss was writing her name very small on paper which we pasted to her stationary. We also went through her stationary supplies before we went to buy new stuff! (I give myself and her a few brownie points for this! We saved a lot!)

- Pack the school lunch box in the evenings

We like buying her school lunch box goodies over the weekends. Preparing it at night also works much better than running around like a headless chicken in the morning looking for stuff to put in the lunch box. This is something we can keep up during the school year.

- Mentally prepare ourselves

Miss was struggling to sleep the past few days, and voicing her concerns about the new year. I asked her to name a few things we can do to lessen the anxiety. We are still working on this. I suggested that we can place her back into Grade 3, but she is vehemently opposed to it! ;-) I keep telling her that if she was able to manage her previous grades,  she would definitely not struggle this year!

- Extra lessons or study courses

We have already signed up for the extra-murals. I still need to find a ballet or dance course for the year, but we still need to see how her calendar looks for the year. The Grade 4 parents with their children have signed up for a study course for this year. It is preparation of the exams and tests starting this year. They also help the children finding their individual study methods and preferences. We are also planning to sign up to a paid online web resource. Have anybody used Studiemeester? Is it worth it?

- Arrive early on the first school day

This is not something we as a family struggle with. We are always early! :-) But it is much better than being late. It helps the child settle in at school, and meeting up with friends before the school bell rings!

Do you have any more suggestions on coping with back-to-school?
How can I help ease the anxiety in my child?

Miss during the holidays feeding the ducks at Rusty Hook


  1. The only thing Nicola was worried about was getting allocated to a mean teacher. We talked about it and I explained that even the very mean ones are usually fine as long as your work is done and you do your best. We marked and packed everything yesterday, new pencil cases, home work bags, stationery and lunch boxes and juice bottles really added to the excitement for her! She is extremely excited to see her friends again...this long long looooooong holiday had lots of boring days in it for her since I only had a week's leave during it. She has become a little bit too attached to her tablet to compensate for my liking...I look forward to hearing less of the annoying youtube channels that she's hooked on in the background all day. 😄

    I'm going to miss having her around though, she's been no trouble at all and the longest school holiday in the history of mankind didn't have me at my wits end at all, as some previous more demanding years had.

    1. We are also glad the tablet can rest for a very long while. It definitely felt like the longest school holidays of all!


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