Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Colour and learning - STABILO BOSS PASTELS are perfect!

Notebook with STABILO BOSS pastels highlighters, pens fineliners
STABILO BOSS Original Pastel notes
The new STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Pastels on review. What can be more exciting than new stationery? NO-THING!

I know that colours have a huge impact on my own learning. I have never tested it, but that's one of the major ways I learn and take note. We have signed up Miss Fine for a study course. Grade 4 is THE year they are starting with tests. The study course promises to find her best ways to study. (I hope!) Fortunately the parents will be able to sit in as well. I will let you know if such a course is worth it. And if colours have such an impact as I think it do? (Google says it does)

The STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Pastel in six enchanting colours

Stabilo Boss pastels in highlightighers, pens and fineliners
STABILO BOSS Originals Pastels - Instagram Story

The colours- love LOVE LOVE

  • Milky yellow
  • creamy peach
  • hint of mint
  • pink blush
  • lilac haze
  • touch of turquoise

The colour palette is trendy, following the pastel trends of the catwalks. It is a stylish accessory (check my upcoming styled photos ;-)), with an anti-dry-out technology (up to 4 hours).

The highlighters are complemented with the STABILO point Fineliners 88 and STABILO Pens 68.

What is not to love?

I found this blog about Colour and its impact on learning.The Learning Avenue gave me permission to share the Colour Wheel Infographic here.

Colour and their impact on lerarning - Infographic
Colour and its effect on learning - The Learning Avenue


Blue - It stimulates creativity and helps achieve a state of calm and relaxation.

Purple - Improves attention

Pink - Calming and reduces rate

Orange - Stimulates critical thinking and memory

Yellow - Creates positive feelings

Green - Improves concentration

The STABILO Boss Original Pastels have also inspired Miss with creativity! (I maybe have to buy her her own sets. We both enjoy it so much.)
Girl sketching an octopus with STABILO BOSS pastels
Miss with an octopus sketch done with Stabilo Boss pastels

You can win some hampers here. Hurry! It's only for January!

Woman and Home STABILO Boss hampers

Essentials STABILO hampers up for grabs

Via Mom of Two Little Girls: Facebook Giveaway 

Via Just Ella Bella: Win Stabilo Boss and get more organised (ends 4 Feb)

STABILO Boss Pastels

Thanks Stabilo Boss and CH Communications for the blog drop!


  1. Oh I am a huge Stabilo fan!

  2. Stabilo pens are very special pricey pens. I love them so much. Don't let that creativity die, you should each have your own sets of pens 😊

    1. I think this is just what I am going to do! I am going to buy her her own set.

  3. Those look really nice. I like stationery.


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