Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A wine scanner app that will up smart you from a wine pleb to a wine connoisseur

I hope!

I don't know why I did not learn about the existence of Vivino earlier, because it is a real treat to use!

I love red wine (that's no secret), and here I can compile and compare all my wines that I love and do not enjoy!  The app is for all wines, but I have been focusing on the red.

It is as easy as scanning the front of a wine bottle to get all the information of that wine. The year, the vintage and the price. It also shows ratings by other wine lovers, which gives a good indication of what is worth buying.

The Rustenberg wine was a present, and I was not aware of how much it was worth before I scanned it. This made me realise that it gives me the chance to say thanks again, and how much I appreciate it! I think there is nothing worse than giving wine as a present, and the recipients do not appreciate the real worth of it! (The wine plebs (commoners) that we are...!)

A friend recently said she stood in front of the wine shelves in the shop and she could not decide what was good or not! This app is perfect when you don't know if the wine is worth the price and if the vintage year was a good year.

I have also scanned a wine bottle that was much cheaper than stated in the app, and it made me buy the wine immediately!

You will find me between the red wine shelves, scanning.

Or else on the app as Karen Toit.

Vivino is downloadable on iTunes
                                         Google Play
                                         Windows Phone

Disclaimer: I was not given any wine to write this review!
                  I love it!

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  1. Sounds really nifty! My husband will love it. Thanks for sharing.


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