Thursday, 18 June 2015

Plot twist

When something goes wrong in your life
just yell
"Plot Twist!"
and move on.

I love this quote!

It is usually not about the wrong turn, but how you approach life after that!

I am writing this for the eldest.

The Student had a big disappointment yesterday. She heard she failed her accounting subject for the semester. She won't be able to do the rewrite, because we won't be here. She has known this since the beginning of the year, that she would have to pass the first time!

She has already started to make plans for next year, but now her plans have to be put on hold for a while...

She will have to get a job here in South Africa to finish the post-graduate! (She had plans to start travelling and working overseas!)

I have first-hand experience that even with the worst plot twists, I could see how it benefited me in the end!

Go with the plot twist, my Love!
I know it will be part of the adventure!


  1. Poor girl, but so very true. Life brings what you need. Live with it

  2. You have such a good attitude about this, I hope it rubs off on her. I also had a failure in honours I had to re-do but it was Unisa so it wasn't such an adjustment. I also made the mistake of taking Economics but actually it was through that that I learnt about opening and closing paragraphs structure so you know... we all learn so much through all these things, but I'm sure it must be hard for her right now.


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