Friday, 12 June 2015

Winter is a drag!

I know we can't complain about winter, and that it is only three months of cold here on the southern point of Africa. But we don't like it, and we complain about it!

All the time!

We leave the house while it is still dark and cold. We get back when the sun dives back to the other side of the world.

The house is cold.
The sky is grey.
The garden is dead.

I can compile lists about things that makes winter worth the while, but I don't want to!
Because it won't change anything! It is cold!

All we want to do is cuddle up under blankets, and not move...

We are hibernating right now!
If you don't see that much of me, it is because you will find me under a blanket and near the heater!

Who likes this time of the year?
Please tell my why?

Photo: Little Miss could dress in normal clothes today and this is her outfit! (I could only convince her to put on the jacket, but the rest is her ensemble! Armed with an warm electric bag!)


  1. I love the cold winter because you can wear a warm hoodie, drink lots of warm ginger water and other hot beverages. Sleep under 5 blankets and your duvet. Wear your warm winter pajamas. Eating soup. And it will be even nicer when it can just start snowing. Winter is a fun season :^D

  2. I am with you here....I don't do the cold very well...and often my attitude stinks. I would die of depression if I lived in Europe.

  3. I'm also a person who feels the cold. But at least it gets warmer in the day.


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