Monday, 29 July 2013

Signal back on after a weekend of camping

Arriving with sunset

We have been away on a camping trip this weekend.

There was no signal, and I am still busy catching up on all my timelines. 
Or trying to...

It was great to only have quiet and bush and the sound of water in the distance. (The Nile River are a few meters away from the camp site)

And there was the most beautiful ablution blocks I have ever seen at a campsite.
This gets a mention, because it is the first thing that all the camping enthusiasts mentioned to us!
(What is better than to stay in the bush, but to have the luxury of beautiful bathrooms and toilets!)

We camped as guests of friends, who are members of the Pretoria Safarigilde, a group camping each month at different campsites, and getting a huge discount for camping in large numbers.

Silver Rocks, a few kilometers past Bela Bela, are definitely worth it when you want to take a break from the bustle!

Tent overlooking the bush

It was cold in the evenings, and although I said it a couple of times that I must remember to take my fan heater, I did no do it! (*hitting forehead*)

Little Missy was sleeping between us, and we had a battle keeping the blankets on top of us! I am definitely buying her her own sleeping bag for the next camping trip.

What is camping without a fire?

Silver Rocks 

Little Missy had so much fun with her camping friend, and they played for hours and hours!

Camping friends

They wanted to swim, but could only put their feet into the water. It was freezing!


Of course, we wished the weekend could be stretched...

But we are back!

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh that looks fantastic! Wish we were camping (but will be in 2 weeks time)

  2. A camping site with no signal means you have stand up and interact with real people from reality.... Nooo thanks! (just kidding, I love interacting with real people from reality)

  3. This post took me back to our years of caravan camping with our children. Happy memories made.


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