Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Boomerang Generation

Millennials coming back home after their studies or doing it on their own. The Boomerang Generation is an apt description for older kids living with their parents! I have many friends who also have these Boomerangers back in the house! (Is that a word?)

The Eldest is still staying with us, working and doing her own thing! But living again with the family after she was a student for three years away from home. This was not the original plan, as we thought she would pack her bags and go off on adventures after her studies...

Strange how life works?!

As a mom I must say that I am grateful for this extra grace in time with my Eldest! I love that we get more time to spend with her! Of course she has grown up too fast! I love that we have this extra boomerang period!

The only drawback is that we worry more about her! (Maybe?) We know when she's out and about, and worry! We also still appreciate and ask for the messages each day of her arriving safe at work and back!

We don't know how long this will last!
But for now I will cherish this special time!

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