Monday, 19 June 2017

An ode to great Dads

Father's Day

Father's Day and fathers!

I have a great Dad! He still shows us the what a true Dad should be and we know that he loves us dearly!
Thanks, Dad, for always being there!

That's why I knew in a previous life that the dad that was being shown to us was not the correct one! I was flabbergasted, because I had such a different upbringing. But I knew it was not right! Contrary to that life, there was no issues and dramas in our house growing up. We had a Dad that worked and was there when we had anything going on at school or needed help or a taxi! He was there! (Not so with the cancelled one!)

Thanks to my Dad who was my original measure of what a Dad should be! That's why I am so thankful to Hubby who is also a great Dad to our two daughters! He is present and involved and doing his bit in the daily rat race! Thank you so much, dear Hubby!

Print-out from Parent24

Some fun facts about Dad, from Little Miss. (For posterity purposes!)

- My dad laughs when he reads something funny.
- My dad's favourite food is meat.
- Something my dad always says is I am a princess.
- My dad is good at making food.
- I love my dad because he loves me back.

We had a lovely day yesterday with the dads and sharing lunch together!
What did you do for Father's Day?

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