Monday, 15 August 2016

In the Vredefort Dome

Vredefort Dome
We spent the past weekend in the Vredefort Dome near Parys in the Free State. The meteorite made the biggest impact on earth of 300 km wide.

It is a lovely place to explore and we will definitely be going back. It is also not that far away from Johannesburg, and lovely to drive through for the weekend! I would love to go exploring and do more hiking in the area.

Vredefort Dome
Venterskroon Camp

We went camping with the Voortrekkers (similar than Girl/Boy Scouts). We are still going with on the camping trips as they are still very young. Not one of the children in Little Miss' age group went on their own. The parents still tag along. (Not that the children appreciate it! "You can go now, Mom! I am fine!")

I was not looking forward to the weekend because we had a "survival" weekend the previous year at Doornkloof in the Northern Free State. This time around it was not as cold (although Friday night was also very cold), and the food was good. We sorted out our blankets and the blankets for for the children on Saturday night, and heated up the electric warm water bottles which helped a lot! Luckily the days were sunny and hot! It's summer already!

Littler Miss had such a great time! They were taught how to make bread over fire, which we call "stokbrood" (stick bread?). They had a camp concert which they enjoyed tremendously and they hiked with vigour up the mountain without any complaints!

The dust and the cold did not make a dent in the children's experiences!

The Art Gallery in Venterskroon

Vredefort Dome Information Centre

Old Imperial Inn

Venterskroon Inn Pub/Restaurant/Accomodation

Pub, Vredefort Dome
Venterskroon Inn Saloon

Venterskroon Inn Saloon

Venterskroon Inn Saloon

Hiking up the mountain with the Voortrekkers
What did you do with your weekend?


  1. Love the Voortrekker days!! And the parents all get to enjoy it too.

    Went to Rudyard Kipling's home, Had lunch with Chef Petrus Madutlela and visited Portsmouth this past weekend enjoying summer in the UK.

  2. Pragtige fotos...die lug is so blou! Die post het my laat dink aan my laerskool dae in die Voortrekkers. Mieka is so gelukkig dat julle haar in hierdie tradisie ondersteun. xx

  3. Looks like such an amazing experience.


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