Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fun facts about Disney Cookabout starting tomorrow on SABC 2

Disney Cookabout on SABC 2
We are really looking forward to this! The whole family enjoys watching cooking shows, although we have only one GREAT CHEF (according to Little Miss/She is dead right! I am talking about her Dad, of course!) who cooks in our house!

Disney Cookabout  premieres tomorrow on SABC 2, and will be on every Friday at 15:30 from 5 August.
Disney Cookabout promises to be a comedic adventure game-show that uses food preparation, cooking and outdoor exploration to showcase South African ingredients and a fun-filled approach to healthy eating.

Behind-the-scenes at Disney Cookabout

The presenters are Mthunzi Nyoti (Self) and Kirsten Mohammed (Chef Kirsten).

Disney Cookabout presenters

Here are some Disney Cookabout Fun Facts:

Yum Yum!
- 31 tried and tested recipes were used while filming Disney Cookabout

All over the Western Cape!
- 21 locations were visited by the production, including organic farms, spice shops, food markets and more all across the Western Cape

Smile for the Camera!
- 6 camera were used during the shoot

- Disney Cookabout had 3 directors!

Pick me!
- Nearly 200 kids auditioned to be a cooktestant

Tuck in!
- 78 meals were cooked over the duration of the show

A month of fun!
- The entire production was shot over 32 days

All in this together!
- There were 68 crew members, 10 cooktestants and 2 presenters who brought Disney Cookabout to life

Reel hard work!
- All in all, over 500 hours of footage was shot during the production!

There are two groups of cooktestants! (love the word!)

Episodes 1-13 Disney Cookabout cooktestants

Episodes 14-26 Disney Cookabout cooktestants
Episode 1
The door in the magical kitchen takes Tshego and Lebo to Farmer Angus’s free range chicken farm in the Stellenbosch Winelands for their first adventure of the season. In this episode they will have to collect their own eggs for their recipes. While exploring the farm, they find chickens that roam free and live in egg mobiles and are treated like pets by farmer Angus. Will the cooktestants be able to collect enough eggs to complete this challenge and walk away with the golden spoon, or are there no eggs to be found?
Episode Ingredient: Eggs
Cooktestants: Tshegofatso Molopisane & Ana Adriaanse
Location: Farmer Angus Farm in Stellenbosch
Episode Activity: Experience the farming of free range eggs laid by free range chickens. These chickens live in eggmobiles and are like pets.

Disney Cookabout is produced by Penguin Films for Walt Disney Television.

The Blog drop - a decorative spoon? ;-)

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