Thursday, 18 August 2016

She will never forget this day!

Girl poltics
Friend politics
Yesterday she told me "I will never forget this day!"
It was a rough day for Little Miss!

The little girls make us crazy with their relationship issues.

We saw a lot of it on the camp at Vredefort Dome this weekend.

Little Miss told me the previous day that her friend were forcing her to go where she wanted to go. By physically turning her around and pushing her... Little Miss told her that she should stop or she won't be playing with her anymore...

Today, the same friend told her that she is not her friend anymore. She ignored Little Miss and played with another friend in front of her, taunting her.

Little Miss had no friends for the school breaks. She said she cried a lot!

She said she will never forget this day!

Little Miss is definitely not the innocent one! She can't expect her friend to keep on playing with her when she told her the previous day she wasn't playing with her! I told her that she also cannot be prescriptive with her friendships, and to tell them what they should and shouldn't do! Also that she should have more than one special friend, and that she should play with a group of friends...

But I had a very sad little girl with me tonight!
Little Miss also told me this morning that she can't wait for 6 days to pass. Apparently there is a week's block on the friendship. (I only heard about it today.) But luckily she's got an old friend willing to play with her who also had a fall-out with her regular friends....

Just this week Sharon of The Blessed Barrenness also had an issue with mean girls...

Grey hairs!
I KNOW why it's grey!

How do we help them negotiate this minefield of relationships? I always try to teach to be the friend you want your friends to be! I hope it sinks in!

Looking at the related posts below, it seems this is a recurring theme!

But maybe this is the way the girls learn how to negotiate relationships with their friends, and we should welcome it and try to teach with each episode?

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  1. Don't worry.... One day she will find her best friends and she will be happy. No more 'mean girls"

  2. Girls can be so mean...and hurtful. I guess those are the days we wish that they will just grow up.

  3. If its any comfort to you I think it is an age thing that they will grow out of. When I was teaching grade one after the end of many breaks the girls would come with all their srories. It is heart breaking for you as a mom though and all you can do is support and give lots of love and I know you are soinf that already.

  4. Grade R-3 was very tough for us too - and then it all falls into place. They are not less mean but they have found a group of friends. I think it is key to introduce the concept of a group of friends and not just 1

    1. Good to hear it will come to an end! I remember the eldest also used to struggle...


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