Sunday, 28 August 2016

Our weekend started with a doll and camping in the garden

doll, dolls,

It was a very low-down weekend here. The budget was low, and we chilled at home.

Luckily it started with a package delivered from Our Generations Dolls which I had won over on Blessed Barrenness' blog. Little Miss got Abrianna with a camping set! She could not wait to get home to open up the package. (That made our Friday afternoon drive much easier in traffic!)

That started a whole weekend of camping inside and out of the house. She even got me sleeping inside her tent on Friday night, and still believes we both slept there for the whole night!

Setting up the Our Generation Doll camp set
Her friends came over and they "camped" the whole of Saturday and Sunday. We usually have a rule that there is no playing inside houses and they had no issues playing outside this weekend!
It worked perfectly with this weather. It's summer here!

It's lovely summer again! (How I love Summer! I have to note it, again!)

Little Miss even complained when we went for an ice-cream at five today!
She still wanted to play!

But I got a smile from her, eventually...

How was you weekend?


  1. Wow that is an awesome prize! Looks like she had fun. Not such a great weekend cos hubby had to eat certain foods due to medical procedure on Monday but at least we did go to a party on Sat which was fun.

  2. I must be one of the few people who hate summer... The heat kills me.. I always have a heat headache from the heat and would gladly enjoy our lovely winter weather all
    Year round


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