Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Petite Peu of a mistake

Little Bit of a Mistake! That’s what our little bit of a dog IS! The problem with dogs and with children: You can’t give them back. (You can!)

Noooo! You can’t!

Our Petite Peu dog got an eye infection after we washed her yesterday! Hubby had to take her to the vet today. R600 ZAR money later and armed with three bottles of eye drops he was back. And visibly upset! We took the toddler to the doctor as well yesterday. The same amount of ZAR money was spent. The only difference: the medical aid paid for it! Ouch! Vets ask the same as normal doctors for their consultation fees.

And now we have to get the eye drops into the dog’s eyes. It is as mission impossible as giving medicine to the toddler...

Our dog has calmed down since we allowed her more into the house. Or maybe it is because she is getting older? She sleeps with the teen in her room, and we do not hear a peep from her until the next morning. She still dashes out of the gate when she gets the opportunity. She also barks her very loud yaps at mostly unknowns, and the doves who try to steal her food...

We have to smile (sheepishly) at ourselves: we got a “little bit” more than we imagined our little dog would be!


  1. Eina! We had to have a hamster put down last week. Yuk. Just couldn't think how else to kill it - and it had cancer. Not as expensive as your trip - only R132. I said to the kids - we could have bought 13 hamsters for the price of killing one!

  2. They are just kids in fur, you know.

  3. Dogs are a lot of work and caring and much more expensive than kids. I used normal human medication often for my two dachunds. Should have tried normal eye drops.

  4. We adopted our dog a year and a half ago. For the most part, he's not too much work, but there's stuff I really dislike doing - eg picking up his mess, vacuuming his hair off the floor (he malts ALL the time - straight black or white hair). He spends a bit of time in the house too.

    We got his vaccinations done the other day - $189! So expensive.

    Still, he's part of the family. But I can relate!!


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